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Nut Milk Latte

Nut Milk Latte

Low in calories and nutrient-packed! This nut milk latte is sure to be your morning favorite.

Simply soak the nuts of your choice for 9 hours or overnight, add them to your Kuvings juicer with an equal amount of water, and watch the magic happen. Mess-free nut milk is ready in no time! No cheesecloth, no nut milk bag, no straining!


  • This nut milk is a combination of almonds, cashews, and pitted dates. You can choose to use only almonds, only cashews, or any other combination of nuts.
  • Dates naturally sweeten this milk. However, you can always add your choice of sweetener to the milk after it’s made.
  • The quantity of water you use depends on how you like the milk. For a thinner milk, add more water, and vice-versa.
  • You can flavor the milk with cinnamon, cardamom powder, vanilla extract, or salt.

Created by @munching_meals

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